We, As Disciples, believe:


      Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living

      God, and offers saving grace to all.

†      All individuals are God’s children.


We also believe in:


     Open Communion

      The Lord’s Supper, or Communion,

      is celebrated in weekly worship and

      is open to all believers.


     Diversity of Opinion

      Each person is free to determine

      individual beliefs, guided by Scripture,

      the Holy Spirit, study and prayer.


     Believers Baptism by Immersion

      In baptism, the old self-centered life is

      set aside and a new life of trust in God

      through Jesus Christ is made possible.


     Importance of Church Unity

      All Christians should cooperate in  ministry wherever possible, affirming each other as sisters and brothers inChrist.


     The Ministry of All Believers

      Both clergy and lay individuals (male and female) lead worship, direct service opportunities and nurture spiritual growth.


     Freedom of Belief

      Disciples are called together around

      one essential of faith: belief in Jesus

      Christ as Lord and Savior.